Mercedes 'Mercy' Wayneright

Head of Client Relations for Bastille



“My offer is simple, complete protection from harm.”


Ms. Wayneright is a beautiful young elf woman with blue eyes and bobbed red hair. She is shorter than most elves and would pass as a human if not for her ears. She usually wears a slender white coat over an off-white blazer and matching short skirt. She is seldom seen without her commlink in her hand and she is never seen without her personal Bastille guard by her side.



Ms. Wayneright has lived in Warren her whole life. She was orphaned at a young age and adopted by a human couple of high standing. She went to a corporate school where she excelled and was soon working as a sales agent for a rising corporation that was later acquired by Bastille.


Ms. Wayneright now works as Bastille‘s head of Client Relations, where she has earned the nickname ’Angel of Mercy’. She is one of the final words on all private contracts and she is responsible for ensuring that all client’s needs are met.

Mercedes 'Mercy' Wayneright

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