Dr. Maria Weiss

SAM1's Caretaker



“The wrongs that I made, you will make right.”


Dr. Maria Weiss is a warm and bright human woman. She has blonde hair and hazel green eyes. She is most often seen with her hair pulled back and wearing a lab coat stained with the mess of her many projects.



Coming from a poorer family, Dr. Weiss worked hard to put herself through corporate college and earn a position at RepliTouch. Her gifted mind soon saw her ascend the ranks until she became the head of cyberware development. Some time later she disappeared from the company under mysterious circumstances along with a top secret project, the Sentient Android Mark One.


Dr. Weiss has returned to a club she worked at to pay for her education. She provides her talents as a doctor and cyberware expert in exchange for protection and secrecy.

Dr. Maria Weiss

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