Malmhìn Gallach

Shadowrunner from Tir Na Nog



“The elven nation will find a home here as well.”


Malmhìn Gallach is tall and lithe, even by elven standards. Standing at 6’11" and 183 lbs, she prefers to wear traditional Celtic garb, despite her fellow Shadowrunners’ protests for how much it stands out. She has long red hair and shimmering light blue eyes.



Malmhìn was born and raised in Tir Na Nog, but despite it being known worldwide as the Elven Nation, she took her admiration of it to a fanatical level, becoming an elven supremecist. Through strong encouragement from her peers, she relocated to Warren, finding her incredible, exotic looks an asset for Shadowrunning.


Malmhìn is a freelance Shadowrunner living in the middle class districts of Warren. She is well known for constantly running to maintain her lifestyle, as she prefers to live in an old Celtic environment; of which artifacts are hard to find. She saved Ai Wo on a run she took within Beacon University; the two keep in touch occasionally.

Malmhìn Gallach

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