Madame Vespa Sin Coatl

Leader of the Seventh Street Serpents



“Please, make yourself comfortable, let’s talk about what brought you here.”


Madame Coatl’s appearance is a matter of rumor and speculation. The only things commonly known are that she is female and she has unforgettable chartreuse eyes.



Little is known about Madame Coatl’s origin other than that she was most likely born in South America. Regardless, she arrived in Warren about fifteen years ago and soon after founded her premier club Original Sin and the Seventh Street Serpents. This obviously upset the balance of power between various criminal factions. She quickly and impressively carved out her own territory with surprisingly little bloodshed and has risen to be come one of the most powerful and feared figures in Warren’s underground.


Madame Coatl is the leader and founder of the Seventh Street Serpents as well as the owner of numerous nightclubs, theaters, and similar venues throughout Arcadia. The true extent of her power and influence is known only to her.

Madame Vespa Sin Coatl

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