Keaira Perdita

Eliot Trinsdale's Sister



“Don’t get in anymore trouble.”


Keaira Perdita is a young elven girl with similar features to her older brother Eliot. Her skin is more tan and she is a good deal shorter than him. She has purple eyes that match her hair which is usually cut in a long boyish style. She often wears revealing or punkish dark clothing and she accessorizes in neon purples. She is rarely seen without her hooded jacket.



Keaira was born on the Pacific coast and spent most of her childhood there. She received a modest education and was known to be a troublemaker. She lived in foster care for several years before discovering her family. Upon learning that she had a brother she proceeded to travel east until she eventually arrived in Warren. After arriving in the city she was taken in by her brother and is now under his care and supervision.


Keaira is dependent upon her brother for most of her needs. She doesn’t have access to formal education but does well to learn things on her own and adapt to life in the city. Keaira has remained a troublemaker and a headache for her guardian. However, there are times where she is as responsible for her brother as he is for her.

Keaira Perdita

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