Kazuki Kitamura

Lieutenant of the Inoki Lions



“I’m yakuza through and through.”


Kazuki Kitamura is an extremely handsome Japanese elf. He has ear length black hair that he keeps neatly combed back. He has an intense brow and focused stare that most people find intimidating. His look suggests that he is experienced but his elven nature makes figuring his age difficult. He has fine taste in suits and prefers to wear a light grey suit with a red shirt and no tie. He exudes that intangible element that people like to call ‘cool’.



Kazuki Kitamura has a strained relationship with his own syndicate. He joined the Inoki Lions at a young age and quickly rose to prominence within the group. He came into conflict with several other members because of his unwavering code of honor and commitment to his idea of justice. These conflicts were unable to prevent him from becoming one of the four great lieutenants of the Inoki Lions.


Kazuki Kitamura is one of the four lietenants of the Inoki Lions. This gives him authority over a sizable portion of the groups manpower and resources. He is also responsible for maintaining a large portion of territory within Warren. Most of Kazuki’s territory is in Metro.

Kazuki Kitamura

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