Kazuchika Okada

Head of the Inoki Lions



“If this city is all I control, then I will make this city the greatest in the world.”


Okada is a young human male of Japanese descent. He has square facial features and keeps himself clean shaven. His hair is frosted blonde in defiance of tradition. He wears his fine tailored suits with no tie and usually with a few buttons undone. When circumstances call for pageantry he will wear dazzling robes and long coats with complex embroidery and loud colors. He is tattooed like all yakuza. His most prominent one is a mural of a dragon atop a mountain of gold and treasures on his back.



Okada is the nephew of the previous leader of the Inoki lions. He was born to a life of privilege in Warren and grew a fondness for all that wealth brings. He was wise enough and ambitious enough to avoid falling in to excess and took his responsibilities within the Lions very seriously. He has recently earned the right to lead after a lengthy power struggle.


Okada is now the head of the Inoki Lions. The success or failure of the group all hinge on his decisions. He is responsible for directing their efforts, controlling their territory, and maintaining order within the organization.

Kazuchika Okada

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