John Gideon

Head of RepliTouch Acquisitions Department



“My business is the simplest of all transactions, supply and demand.”


John Gideon is a wiry looking human with rust coloured hair. He has a warm face with sharp features and distinctly modified pointed ears. He walks with a cane but clearly has no need for one. He normally wears a long blue coat over a worn suit.



A former shadowrunner, John Gideon has slowly worked his way back into civil society by means of his boundless charm and wit. He made his name as a smooth talker and an astoundingly resourceful trafficker. After an arrest for possession of contraband he served his time and found several companies willing to help him reintegrate into society, all valuing his business savvy and negotiation acumen.


Mr. Gideon currently operates as the head of RepliTouch’s acquisitions department, securing resources needed for the production of high end bioware and cyberware. He is responsible for procuring, through donation or purchase, various soft tissues, hardware, medical supplies, and electronics.

John Gideon

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