Hiriko Tanahashi

Former Surragate Leader of the Inoki Lions



“Even if strength was all it took to succeed, you still wouldn’t have enough.”


Hiriko Tanahashi is a tall Japanese woman with a good sense of style. She has long black hair with blonde highlights, lovely chestnut eyes, and usually goes without much makeup. She often wears traditional clothes with modern patterns. A particular favorite is a white yukata with a bold red and black striped pattern. She often wears formal business attire when not in traditional garb.



Hiriko is the eldest child of the former leader of the Inoki Lions. She educated with a focus on business and politics. It is no secret that she helped lead the Lions as her father got older. When her father passed away tradition dictated that his successor be a man. Even so, there was talk of doing away with the tradition. Eventually, tradition won out.


Hiriko now acts as and adviser to her cousin Kazuchika Okada. She has little actual authority in the organization but she is still very respected and it is often considered foolish not to at least seek her opinion.

Hiriko Tanahashi

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