Hamato Miwa

Chief Enforcer for Bastille



“Having been born into the house of a warrior, one’s intentions should be to grasp the long and the short swords and to die.”


Hamato Miwa is a slender female elf of Japanese descent. She is older than she looks and has beautiful green eyes and long black hair always kept in a bun. She is a street samurai in its most literal definition, never without her blades. She has an obvious air of authority and is usually clad in black. She wares a black yukata with a silver serpent embroidered on it for business settings and imposing black armor with a similar motif while on a security assignment.



Hamato Miwa was born to one of the oldest existing Japanese families. She was trained from birth to be a warrior and a general. She worked as personal bodyguard for Emperor Yasuhito of the Japanese Imperial State for several years. Le Sabre met with her personally to discuss enlisting her services for Bastille.


Hamato Miwa is Bastille’s Chief Enforcer and oversees all security operations. She is responsible for the training, tactics, and procedures of all Bastille agents. She is also responsible for ensuring the proper use and installation of all security assets. At times she is required to operate as a field agent for the most extreme security situations.

Hamato Miwa

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