Franky Kuma

Head of Security at RepliTouch



“No matter what kind of weapon you hold, just existing isn’t a crime.”


Franky Kuma is a tall and stocky man. He has wild blue hair and is never seen without sunglasses. He wears black work pants and a grey t-shirt with the RepliTouch logo and a silver badge. Franky is very obviously enhanced with cyberware. It is clear that both of his arms are artificial and a keen I can detect more.



Franky originally worked as an engineer and shipwright in Breakwater before an industrial accident cost him both of his arms. After his medical expenses he could only afford primitive prosthetics and he soon found himself destitute and unemployed. He lived on the streets as a beggar for some time. Eventually he was one of the first recipients of RepliTouch’s new outreach program. He was given top of the line cyberware limbs in exchange for a twelve year work contract.


After fourteen years of work for RepliTouch, Franky Kuma has become the head of security for the entire company. He oversees all security operations and reviews and implements new security policies, procedures, and research. He is also one of the best guards in RepliTouch.

Franky Kuma

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