Francesca Lucci

Dean of Post Graduate Studies at Beacon University



“The time for instruction is over, let’s get started shall we?”


Francesca Lucci is a human woman in her late thirties with sharp features and long blond hair. She has an intense gaze punctuated by her bright yellow eyes. She still wears a lab coat from her time as a professor. Underneath she tends to wear black dress pants with grey shirts and sweaters.



Dean Lucci was born in italy to a greek-italian family. She was the first awakened member of her family. This caused some difficulty in her childhood which eventually fueled her decision to move to Warren and attend Beacon University when she came of age. She graduated with honors before continuing as a graduate student and eventually was hired as a professor.


Dean Lucci was recently moved from tenured professor to Dean of Post Graduate Studies. She is taking over the position after a recent public controversy resulted in her predecessor’s resignation. She is responsible for overseeing the schools largest research projects as well as accepting and rejecting graduate applications and numerous other administrative responsibilities.

Francesca Lucci

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