Elizabeth Caldwell

Atwater Stanly's Boss



“Do I need to separate you?”


Elizabeth Caldwell is a tall and skinny troll with grey-green skin. She has aqua colored hair that she keeps in a medium length and professional style. She has slender black horns that flare sideways before turning upwards. She is usually clad in business attire consisting of a black pencil skirt, blouse, and jacket. She wears black horn rimmed glasses that match her horns exceptionally. Her horns and her footwear emphasize her height. That and her unusually slim build and grant her an ethereal and imposing quality.



Elizabeth Caldwell was born far north of Warren and lived a fairly typical corporate life. She spent much of her childhood ostracized for her metahuman nature and her abnormal build. With little else to do she dedicated herself to her corporate obligations and evolved into the professional she is today. She transferred to an office in Warren as the result of a corporate merger.


Elizabeth Caldwell is now an upper level manager with designs on becoming an executive. She is responsible for overseeing a group of managers and guiding them in their tasks. Her performance is reflected in their successes and failures. She spends most of her time facilitating the needs of her managers and reporting their progress to her superiors. Little is known about how she spends her free time, if she has any.

Elizabeth Caldwell

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