Eliot Trinsdale

Elven Excon Technomancer



“Im just trying to get through today, and make sure tomorrow doesn’t bite me in the ass.”


A lanky elf a few inches under average with pale, white skin from a clear lack of sun and outdoor exposure. His hair was a golden blond, He often wears a dark green set of cargo pants with a bulky bomber jacket over a dark blue hoodie.



Born to a single mother who had no plans or desires for a child, Eliot was raised by her just long enough to use up the maternity leave, and was handed off to the state.

Growing up a ward of the state, it wasn’t the hell highlighted in some dramas, but it wasn’t a Christmas morning family special. Home to home, he moved a lot and found the only stable friends he could keep were online. The matrix was more familiar to him than his own bedroom.

At around puberty he realised that he expierenced the digital world differently than his friends. When he was 15, he was practicing with his abilities on a walk, when he tried to peek into the wrong host. Jumped by a Bastille Heavy Threat Response, they quickly captured him for questioning.

His technomancer abilities were quickly determined, but due to his age, state record, and a nagging media focus at the time, it was decided an above board, public sentencing was warranted. 3 years of jail, and he as released as soon as he left the states care, a new criminal SIN around his neck.

Unkown to him, at the time of his arrest, his biological mother as contacted for questioning. This made him known to his younger half sister who he had no idea about. Keaira Perdita made a plan, and a few months after her half brothers release, showed up on his door step, desperate for a new home.

Now, with his life changing around him faster than he can keep up, he tries desperately to keep close what he can, and keep himself in one piece.


The team technomancer, Eliot is the group’s only electronic specialist. A gifted if unskilled user, he does what he can to keep the matrix from becoming a hassle, and protect the team from digital threats. He has much to learn about ShadowRunning, but he’s been a quick study before, and now a lot depends on it.

Eliot Trinsdale

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