Edward Newgate

Chief Enforcer for Bastille Magical Protection



“You have entered a world in which you have no power.”


Edward Newgate is an old grey skinned troll. He has long brown hair that he keeps brushed back around his large horns which curl down around his jawline. The tips of his horns are painted white. He usually wears plain burgundy robes over a simple black suit and white shirt with the top two buttons undone. He is apparently blind but seems to suffer no detriment.



Mr. Newgate is a third generation mage born in Essex County. He displayed strong aptitude for magic at a young age and was encouraged to pursue his talents with the local guild. Upon completing his education he immigrated to Warren the site of his sister guild, to make a mark in the rapidly growing city. A powerful ritual caster and skilled user of mana barriers, he soon found employment in Bastille.


Mr. Newgate is currently the head of the magical arm of Bastille. He is responsible for overseeing numerous protective rituals, training magicians, and operating as a field agent when magic is considered a significant threat. He is also occasionally enlisted to assist in the apprehension of criminal magic users.

Edward Newgate

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