Dancing Shadow

Lead Espionage Agent for the Seventh Street Serpents



“Look, I know you’re just a security guard so you can just say you did your best, ok?”


Dancing Shadow is a master of disguise and espionage so the details of her appearance are unknown. She is a human woman in her late twenties with an average build and in excellent physical condition. When operating as an infiltrator and when meeting in safe environments she wears a jet black full bodied chameleon suit with a katana strapped to her back.



Few details are known about Dancing Shadow’s past. She was born to a wealthy Metro family who ensured she received the best schooling and upbringing. She was trained as a corporate spy before becoming a shadowrunner. As a runner she proved unequaled in infiltration and espionage. She was eventually recruited into the Serpents.


Dancing Shadow is the lead espionage agent for the Seventh Street Serpents. She has become one of Madame Coatl‘s most trusted hands. She is primarily a field agent assigned to Madame Coatl’s highest priority espionage targets.

Dancing Shadow

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