Dr. M.S. Charles Judels

Head of RepliTouch Research & Development



“We are doing God’s work…in a manner of speaking.”


Dr. Judels is a bald and bespectacled dwarf who looks to be in his late sixties. His stern and focused gaze is magnified by his perfectly round glasses. He has a thick grey mustache that hangs over the sides of his mouth. He usually wears a lab coat over a yellow shirt and dress pants.



Dr. Judels has been a prominent scientist and researcher for many years. He started in the field of bioware where he developed several improvements to preexisting technologies. He has worked for many companies over the course of his long career, always moving on when companies start to emphasis profit over progress. He has expanded his knowledge into several different fields over the years and has worked the past ten years or so with RepliTouch.


Dr. Judels is currently the head of research and development at RepliTouch. This makes him the head researcher over both the cyberware and bioware division.

Dr. M.S. Charles Judels

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