Mark 'Chainer' Attano

Assassin for the Seventh Street Serpents



“My mistress has a message for you…”


Mark Attano, better known as Chainer is a lithe and wiry man with pointed features. He is usually clad in all black gear that has been customized to his liking. His left arm is obviously cyberware. He has sparkling green eyes and a black goatee. One of his most noticeable features are his long black dreadlocks that he keeps tied back with a bandanna. His face is usually obscured by a dark grey mask and dark goggles.



Mark Attano was born SINless in Garden and was abandoned by his parents. He was instead raised by a retired runner who taught him the skills he needed to survive. The man passed away when Attano was in adolescence. He spent some time as a runner and gained a reputation for his skill in wetwork. He was eventually caught and imprisoned with a death sentence but was spared his fate thanks to intervention from the Seventh Street Serpents.


Chainer is currently the best wetwork operative within the Serpents and arguably the entire city. He is responsible for the quiet and careful elimination of any targets assigned to him or at times to deliver messages as the tasks require. He is also occasionally tasked with operating as a counter assassin.

Mark 'Chainer' Attano

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