Benson Sorrenstein

Dean of Transferal at Beacon University



“Tell me what you’re looking for and I’ll find the right prospect, it’s not that complicated.”


Benson Sorrenstein is a somewhat short man with a round face and a wide smile. He has deep blue eyes that are usually covered up by thick AR sunglasses. He often wears colorful suits, most often a red suit with a blue shirt and silver tie. He is slightly balding but still has a decent amount of short brown hair.



Mr. Sorrenstein began his professional career as a talent agent on the west coast. He found he had a knack for connecting the right people in order to find success and his skills only improved with time. He eventually moved east to find less stressful work. He soon became a recruiting agent for UXB Financial before being offered a unique position at Beacon University.


Mr. Sorrenstein the only Dean of Transferals in Warren. This is a position unique to Beacon University. He is responsible for connecting the needs of megacorps with the abilities of students. This requires him to analyze student records as well as current business trends in addition to numerous administrative duties.

Benson Sorrenstein

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