Atwater Stanley

Orc, with a smile


“Only the high life.”

A tall, and surprisingly good look orc, does well to keep himself groomed and clean for his day job. Always in a clean suit with a bright green tie, he takes great pain to present himself as a professional businessman, and always is able to seal the deal with a smile. When the company closes its door however, the clean cut is tossed aside for the brightest, flashiest, and most gaudy attire. He prefers to be seen in bright greens and purples, all with a flair of fur and feathers. His coats are long, close to trailing the ground, and a wide brim hat always makes him look fly on the scene. Preferring function for fashion on his runs however, he makes sure to wear a nice white dress button down and slacks with his sharp shades to cover his eyes.


An orc, who at one point wanted only to fit in the world as it stands now, tried to do everything he could to blend in. He at first tried to play nice when he was younger, trying his best to make friends with words and actions. When he was met with prejudice and cold shoulders, he was hoping gene therapy would open doors for him, and he pleaded with Rise to help him become what he wanted to be. They took on his case, and at first he was elated that he might now find the peace that he wanted, but inside those walls were words and thoughts worse than he ever encountered. Something finally snapped, and mid way through his treatment, he left, deciding to hell with stereotypes and society. If they weren’t going to accept him, then he would just make them respect him. He drove himself to success, and with every nuyen he made, he got another step up the ladder. Now, he lives the high life he so desired, because he deserves it.

He is a highly successful insurance salesman with a cushy office at Sunrise Insurance. On the streets however, he is the face of an operation.

Atwater Stanley

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