Arthur Cykes

President, CEO, and owner of RepliTouch



“Tragedy is a cruel parent, but an effective teacher.”


Arthur Cykes is very young for his station. He is usually dressed in a sharp green suit with a black shirt and green tie. He has soft blue eyes and short black hair. Sharp eyes may notice that his right arm is cybernetic.



Arthur Cyke’s parents were the original founders of RepliTouch. Both were killed in a violent crash leaving only young Arthur alive. The privately owned MegaCorp was bequeathed to the young boy on the condition that his godfather oversee operations until Arthur’s adulthood. Arthur demonstrated prodigious talents and his godfather saw fit to step down as CEO and hand control over to Arthur on his sixteenth birthday.


Arthur has been the full pre CEO of RepliTouch for almost two years. His keen mind for business and his strong vision for the future has made RepliTouch one of the leading providers of cyberware and bioware in the world.

Arthur Cykes

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