Alya 'Farseer' Cesaire

Chief Enforcer for Bastille Cyber Protection



“Eventually, you’re going to get hacked. If you can’t live with that get off the matrix.”


Alya is a human girl in her late twenties. She has pink and white hair styled as a broad wavy mohawk. She has numerous cyber enhancements especially around her head, hands, and eyes. She often wears whatever is trending at the time, usually including a jacket. She has a tattoo of the Bastille logo on her left shoulder. This is the only thing distinguishing her as a professional and not a scenester. Her usual persona is that of a pink and black anthropomorphized bee.



Alya was a young and gifted hacker who enjoyed using her skills to help herself to a good time. She was caught hacking into Original Sin‘s host. Madame Coatl, possessing a good eye for talent decided to coerce her into employment instead of turning her into the authorities. After employing for some time she handed her services over to Bastille for a significant finder’s fee.


Ms. Cesaire, who prefers to go by Farseer, now heads up the cyber security division of Bastille. She is a skilled hacker and programmer responsible for installing, overseeing, improving, and creating matrix security programs and procedures. She also directs all matrix security operations and personnel.

Alya 'Farseer' Cesaire

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