Albert Mifune

Vice President of RepliTouch



“Its not up to me, you’ll have to talk to the young master.”


Mr. Mifune is a slight and handsome middle aged elf. His trim figure is accentuated by his signature black suit and skinny black tie. He has strikingly long white hair hides is ears and hangs below his shoulders and lovely green eyes. He is clearly older than he looks.



Mr. Mifune was good friends with Arthur Cykes’ parents and was even named godfather of their child. He helped fund their initial works in the field of cyberware and bioware in exchange for a financial share. He was named Arthur’s legal guardian and served as RepliTouch’s CEO after the Cykes’ tragic deaths. He has since handed control of the company to Arthur Cykes.


Mr. Mifune continues to act as Arthur’s guardian, counsel, and confidant. He currently serves as vice president of RepliTouch.

Albert Mifune

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