Ai Wo

Independent Yakuza Sub-Lieutenant



“Wake from death and return to life.”


Ai is a short and stoic dwarf with cleanly trimmed black hair and chocolate brown eyes. Everything about him is clean and proper, he is never seen outside without a neatly pressed suit and a pair of white gloves. Unlike most members of his organization, he is completely tattoo free.



Ai was born into the Inoki Lions, and as such was trained from birth. He awakened as a mage at a very early age, and was viewed as a strong potential asset.. He was mentored by the summoners and the sorcerers alike; being grown into a well rounded mage. This certainly did harm his martial training, however he showed himself to be quite the quick study none the less. His with making everything neat and clean transfered into his work, and he quickly gained a reputation as efficient and reliable in any circumstance.

In 2073, he was on a mission with a young recruit, and the young woman tripped the alarm without considering her footfalls. Despite his stellar reputation, the full alerted garrison was far too much. He awoke in a small concrete bunker being hovered over by a scientist, with what felt to be distant screaming to his right. He had been sold as a test subject to Beacon University, and his magical prowess made him a perfect candidate for research into Magitech within the university’s underground blacksite and research facility. During the course of the experimentation, a modified Datajack that had been installed within the mind of a kidnapped Technomancer caused a feedback loop, forcing a surprising amount of energy to explode from her, turning her into a fine red mist; and destroying half of the lab; the half containing Ai. This caused a magnitude 3.2 seismic event with an epicenter directly below Beacon University, which is nowhere near any fault lines; catching the attention of many enterprising mega-corps.

A group of runners was hired by an unknown individual, and in the course of their run, they freed an unconscious and mending Ai; carrying him to safety, attempting to gain information from him. While he held most of the information he had, he did befriend Malmhìn Gallach, an elven Shadowrunner from Tir Na Nog.

Once he’d been allowed to leave, he returned to his Yakuza masters and told them everything.


Ai Wo is a Sub-Lieutenant of the Inoki Lions. Currently, he is on an independent espionage and sabotage assignment within Beacon University, utilizing a fake corporate SIN for access, posing as a private guard for one of the secret research laboratories.

Ai Wo

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