Five Points

Session 10 - A

Movie Night

The runners took to the job offered by the Webb twins. They were to meet with an employee of RepliTouch and ensure his safety. The employee was a technomancer looking for physical security while he attempted a submersion.

The party met the employee, Mr. Chevalier at a hotel where he had booked a room for a few nights. The party had a difficult time spotting Mr. Chevalier. He was very convincingly crossdressed in an outfit that would have looked more appropriate on a private school girl. None of the runners questioned his attire at the time and focused on their responsibility.

They hit their first snag when they discovered that the room they had booked was unavailable. It seemed that a recent fire had shut down a floor of the busy hotel. With a limited time frame and no other rooms available, the runners contacted their employers. After some wait and comforting Mr. Chevalier the group was informed of an ad-hoc alternative. They were to go to a nearby Trideo Cineplex where a theater had been rented out for twenty four hours.

Once there, Mr. Chevalier quickly made himself comfortable and began his submersion. Meanwhile, the runners set up physical security using supplies they had recently purchased, arranging sensors and other contingencies. Lich worked on the Matrix to ensure that their stay would be extend for at least two more days.

The party encountered a few difficulties. The staff of the Trideo Theater were a constant annoyance and risked stumbling upon their true activities. Additionally, Lich had to obfuscate Mr. Chevalier’s activities from other Personas. This was relatively easy for the technomancer, though he also had to cover for him and respond to calls and messages from his many coworkers.

Ai Wo and Bailey worked together to convince the staff to maintain the groups privacy. They also smoothed over the scheduling errors caused by Lich’s activity. They even agreed to share the theater with a small group of avid Horror Trideo fans. Mr. Chevalier emerged from his submersion after about sixty hours.

Once awoken, the technomancer reassessed his surroundings and quickly asked to leave the theater. Once fed and reoriented he thanked the runners for their careful watch parted ways with them. The runners, returned to their homes after a very long and very unexpected night at the movies.



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