Five Points

Session 06

Fight Night

Following, an explosive run that left Ai Wo near death, the party took time to recover. During this time Ai Wo was contacted by Wada Tomoyori and offered an opportunity to make up for a previous faux pas. Ai Wo enlisted his companions in a formal fighting event hosted by the Inoki Lions.

Eager for an exciting opportunity, the team agreed on the spot. At the end of the week, the group traveled to Raioken Gym where they met Wada and Genji-Sensei. Genji made an assessment of their abilities while Wada filled them in on the details of the event. Quite pleased with what they saw and heard, the two Lions gave SAM1 and Bailey positions on the fight card and invited their companions to attend the event.

On Sunday, the group arrived at Kogane no Kiku, one of the many casinos in Arcadia. Upon their arrival, the group was split up according to the needs of their host. The fighters were taken to a preparation area, spectators were brought to a lounge to await opening ceremonies, and Ai Wo was given a special assignment, that would prove most difficult.

Before the fights began, Mr. Exotica and Eliot Trinsdale took the opportunity to mingle with other guests. After placing some bets, they were ushered into the viewing area. Bailey was placed in a 10 person free for all was quickly eliminated. SAM1 fared much better and won a boxing match by decision against an imposing troll. All the while, Ai Wo was forced to attend to the whims of an overbearing and condescending business man.

Over the course of the evening, especially during the intermission and reception following the event, the party met several interesting individuals. Mr. Exotica and Mr. Trinsdale met a gentlemen named Williams who gave them advice on gambling. Mr. Exotica tried to pry information from two people, Mirran, a beautiful woman with fetching eyes and a mysterious gentlemen carrying a briefcase. SAM1 and Bailey met several fighters and trainers including an old troll named Lucca. Several party members tried to get in touch with ZiZi, a beautiful performer who was a guest of the casino.

Partway through the evening, Eliot was contacted to perform his duties as a spider for Viridian Shield. This led to a chance encounter with two powerful technomancers the Webbs. This chance meeting proved to be quite eventful and led to Eliot being forcibly removed from the building. When the evening concluded, the group went their separate ways and Ai Wo returned to the safe house, assured in the knowledge that Wada Tomoyori was quite pleased and that his grievance had been settled.



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