Five Points

Session 01

A Night of Sin

An enigmatic intruder by the name of Sawyer Cole introduced herself to four would be shadowrunners.

Eliot Trinsdale, a technomantic elf struggling to provide for his sister, logged off of the matrix and was shocked to find she had invited herself in to his small apartment.

Bailey, a cat burglar with a chip on her shoulder, had a chance encounter with her in a pet shop that led to a luncheon that turned out to be more business than pleasure.

Atwater Stanly, a respectable business man leading a dangerous double life as Mr. Exotica, returned to his office from a meeting and found a pleasant surprise in the form of a beautiful woman with an arousing proposal.

Ai Wo, a yakuza affiliate and implacable professional, found his squalid sanctum disturbed by a datastick containing a message and a vexing chore.

All four were invited to Original Sin and all four accepted. At the monumental night club, the four were introduced to each other and fifth individual, an offbeat bouncer named Sammy. After introductions, they were given a contract for a very simple run, moving a vehicle from one location to another.

The five strangers spent a day getting to know each other and plan for their upcoming run. Bailey and Ai Wo discussed the nature and capability of their magics while the remaining three took stock of their supplies and equipment. They scouted their target and the surrounding area making sure not to take their assignment at face value. This proved to be a worthwhile endeavour as their run became anything but simple.

They became unwitting distractions as part of a larger operation. While attempting to move the vehicle as per their contract, the group was approached by a Bastille convoy they were told would be in the area much later. An explosion emanating from the convoy ensured that it would not be a quiet night. Fortunately the explosion and ambush took the focus of the Bastille guards and gave the group time enough to fulfill their contract. As they retreated, Sammy received a mysterious container from an injured acquaintance.

After the run Eliot discovered that his identity may have been compromised and called his sister Keaira to get her out of the house. They rendezvoused with his sister and proceeded to a safe location. Maria Weiss and Sammy’s apartment. With a chance to breathe, they relaxed and began to work at opening the container Sammy received. After a concerted effort they were able to open it and reveal its contents. None were prepared to find the unconscious form of a young pixie woman.



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