Five Points

Session 07
Lost Little Lamb

Warren is a dangerous city. Never has that been more apparent to our heroes, then the night Keaira was kidnapped. Whether by chance or design she disappeared into the night. At the behest of Saoirse, Maria and SAM1 gathered the team to track down Keaira and her abductors. Saoirse pled witht the group to rescue her friend and offered to reward them, as though it were a Run. They were able to gather clues and interview bystanders. Eventually, they tracked down a key suspect, Abraham Knight.

Abraham was smitten by Keaira but seemed incapable of the act. Unable to prove his guilt and running short on ideas, Eliot turned to the private investigator, Priscilla Snow. She aided with the investigation while Atwater interviewed a local gang. This lead them to a particular vehicle, which in turn led to a Doki Doki Pachinko, a yakuza controlled establishment.

Unwilling to engage in a firefight, the yakuza sold Keaira’s location while withholding their benefactor. A minor breakin lead to Keaira’s rescue and a happy reunion. A relieved and elated Saoirse repaid the group with her only treasure. She told the party REDACTED and the reason she is so desired and hunted.

Session 06
Fight Night

Following, an explosive run that left Ai Wo near death, the party took time to recover. During this time Ai Wo was contacted by Wada Tomoyori and offered an opportunity to make up for a previous faux pas. Ai Wo enlisted his companions in a formal fighting event hosted by the Inoki Lions.

Eager for an exciting opportunity, the team agreed on the spot. At the end of the week, the group traveled to Raioken Gym where they met Wada and Genji-Sensei. Genji made an assessment of their abilities while Wada filled them in on the details of the event. Quite pleased with what they saw and heard, the two Lions gave SAM1 and Bailey positions on the fight card and invited their companions to attend the event.

On Sunday, the group arrived at Kogane no Kiku, one of the many casinos in Arcadia. Upon their arrival, the group was split up according to the needs of their host. The fighters were taken to a preparation area, spectators were brought to a lounge to await opening ceremonies, and Ai Wo was given a special assignment, that would prove most difficult.

Before the fights began, Mr. Exotica and Eliot Trinsdale took the opportunity to mingle with other guests. After placing some bets, they were ushered into the viewing area. Bailey was placed in a 10 person free for all was quickly eliminated. SAM1 fared much better and won a boxing match by decision against an imposing troll. All the while, Ai Wo was forced to attend to the whims of an overbearing and condescending business man.

Over the course of the evening, especially during the intermission and reception following the event, the party met several interesting individuals. Mr. Exotica and Mr. Trinsdale met a gentlemen named Williams who gave them advice on gambling. Mr. Exotica tried to pry information from two people, Mirran, a beautiful woman with fetching eyes and a mysterious gentlemen carrying a briefcase. SAM1 and Bailey met several fighters and trainers including an old troll named Lucca. Several party members tried to get in touch with ZiZi, a beautiful performer who was a guest of the casino.

Partway through the evening, Eliot was contacted to perform his duties as a spider for Viridian Shield. This led to a chance encounter with two powerful technomancers the Webbs. This chance meeting proved to be quite eventful and led to Eliot being forcibly removed from the building. When the evening concluded, the group went their separate ways and Ai Wo returned to the safe house, assured in the knowledge that Wada Tomoyori was quite pleased and that his grievance had been settled.

Session 05
Safe at Home

To: Wada Tomiyori
Personal Report – Ai Wo

My friend, as you know, today a deal was made. In fact, many deals were made. But let’s begin with the first. The group of runners I have come to begin to work with reached a decision during my unconsciousness from the previous week’s run, and elected not to go with the offered Police Station, but the basement of a bar in Arcadia, called Greenbacks. It is a spacious location that all told will cost us ¥8,000 per month. It does have space for a magical lodge, so there is that.

The decision was made none too soon. SAM1’s companion, Maria, was quite pleased to see us leave. In return for her help and service, she requested a favor of us; namely a request for us to raid a RepliTouch clinic for some rather expensive and high end cyberware. While the heist would likely have been able to pay the safehouse for a month, our debt to Maria was that large, and the favor was quite warranted. Especially with the likely costs she will incur cleaning my blood from the couch on which I was stuck for days.

Before leaving however, Kiera had a few choice words for me. For one so young, she is quite wise, if blunt. She pointed out my lack of gratitude for Elliot saving my life on our previous run; and she was right.

Our move to the safehouse, despite the pain, went smoothly with a single exception. Apparently SAM1 drives an unregistered vehicle, as I found out with a near heart attack when he found himself pulled over. However, beyond this, we were able to slide in under our cover of delivery drivers, and get our gear into the safehouse. With no one else present, casing the joint, I spent some time avoiding stir craziness by designing some potential layouts for what will become my new home.

Elliot and Bailey were sent to case out the RepliTouch clinic we had been directed to. While Eliot spoke with those at the front counter, ‘browsing’, Bailey showed some level of competence to request a blood sample be taken to determine her compatibility for cyberware, which got her into the Clinic’s back room under legitimate auspices. Impressively enough, for acting like what one would call an airhead on most days, she had the presence of mind to nick the access badge of one of the workers. Thankfully, the run would be that night, meaning we likely wouldn’t have an issue with it no longer working.

Upon their return, and just before the run, I presented Ellot with a gift, a repayment of my debt. A commlink, in a custom form factor to appear as a deck, preloaded with a wrapper program; to protect him from appearing as a technomancer at first glance.

It’s amazing what can happen when the oaf is not present on a run. With a casting of Invisibility from myself, her own silent footfalls, and the technological assistance of Ellot, we were able to steal every single item on Maria‘s list, every single item on Bailey’s Fence’s list, and a few other odds and ends without raising a single alarm. Even during the getaway.

I pray this is my first report of many, as you have quickly reminded me Wada, that my lack of attention to our relationship is unacceptable in many ways. Your call today has been noted, and I will gain the cooperation of two of my companions for your fighting competition this Sunday, as requested. Please provide me time, my friend, I will inform you as soon as I have gained their cooperation.

Session 03
Welcome to Cliff's

The week that followed marked an effort by the group to reestablish a sense of normality. This began with Eliot Trinsdale contacting the Viridian Shield for assistance. While there he arranged for Keaira’s education and fake SINs for both of them. Afterwards, he met with Priscilla Snow for freelance work as a spider.

Meanwhile, Ai Wo was contacted to return a favor for Ms. Gallach. Acting as a courier, he delivered a payment for the owner of a pet shop in Williamsburg to a hotel in Arcadia. After completing this task, by chance, he spotted Sawyer Cole. Curious, he attempted to follow her along the streets. He followed her closely, until he felt he was arousing to much suspicion and, forgetting he could literally fade from sight, gave up.

The week proceeded as normal for most everyone else, until Atwater followed a piece of advice given by another runner and proceeded to find Cliff’s Diner. He wined and dined, enjoying the pie and unique company and brought his fellow runners along the following night. They spoke with several runners and shady individuals in order to find a profitable run. They decided on a simple delivery for the Yakuza and arranged a meeting to discuss the details of their contract. Surely this marked the beginning of a normal life in the shadows of Warren.

Session 02
Communication Problem

The group was ill suited to handle the problem the mysterious pixie presented them. They were unable to communicate with her. She did not speak English and the language she spoke couldn’t be identified by any of their resources. After some research and debate they hatched a plan to steal a prototype translation device from Beacon University. They approached it like any run, scouting their location, planning contingencies, and coordinating their efforts, they even planned to steal some useful foci should the translator fail.

The group was successful in snatching the translator but decided to abandon the foci in order to make a quick escape. After fleeing the scene and determining all was well they eventually brought the translator to Maria. During the fall out, poor Eliot discovered he was identified as having attacked Professor Roger Povenmire, Beacon’s Head of Magical Research. It was at this point that Maria revealed Sammy’s true nature as SAM1, Sentient Android Mark 1. Afterwards she installed the translator, allowing the pixie to speak clearly for the first time.

No longer lost in translation, the pixie has made an ardent plea. Her power and her past remain a mystery and only her desperation shows. She is hunted by some of the powerful figures in the city and protected only by a gang of mysterious strangers. In a city of shadows and lies, its difficult to trust those closest to you. How can a pixie, who’s fate is not hers to control, trust strangers in a strange city? How can they trust each other? Perhaps they can’t. Shadows grow darker in this city.

Session 01
A Night of Sin

An enigmatic intruder by the name of Sawyer Cole introduced herself to four would be shadowrunners.

Eliot Trinsdale, a technomantic elf struggling to provide for his sister, logged off of the matrix and was shocked to find she had invited herself in to his small apartment.

Bailey, a cat burglar with a chip on her shoulder, had a chance encounter with her in a pet shop that led to a luncheon that turned out to be more business than pleasure.

Atwater Stanly, a respectable business man leading a dangerous double life as Mr. Exotica, returned to his office from a meeting and found a pleasant surprise in the form of a beautiful woman with an arousing proposal.

Ai Wo, a yakuza affiliate and implacable professional, found his squalid sanctum disturbed by a datastick containing a message and a vexing chore.

All four were invited to Original Sin and all four accepted. At the monumental night club, the four were introduced to each other and fifth individual, an offbeat bouncer named Sammy. After introductions, they were given a contract for a very simple run, moving a vehicle from one location to another.

The five strangers spent a day getting to know each other and plan for their upcoming run. Bailey and Ai Wo discussed the nature and capability of their magics while the remaining three took stock of their supplies and equipment. They scouted their target and the surrounding area making sure not to take their assignment at face value. This proved to be a worthwhile endeavour as their run became anything but simple.

They became unwitting distractions as part of a larger operation. While attempting to move the vehicle as per their contract, the group was approached by a Bastille convoy they were told would be in the area much later. An explosion emanating from the convoy ensured that it would not be a quiet night. Fortunately the explosion and ambush took the focus of the Bastille guards and gave the group time enough to fulfill their contract. As they retreated, Sammy received a mysterious container from an injured acquaintance.

After the run Eliot discovered that his identity may have been compromised and called his sister Keaira to get her out of the house. They rendezvoused with his sister and proceeded to a safe location. Maria Weiss and Sammy’s apartment. With a chance to breathe, they relaxed and began to work at opening the container Sammy received. After a concerted effort they were able to open it and reveal its contents. None were prepared to find the unconscious form of a young pixie woman.

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